MOD and Thales join forces

MoD and Thales join forces

The Netherlands' Ministry of Defence and Thales Nederland have joined forces for the development of so-called Combat Management Systems (CMS) on board of naval vessels. The Netherlands Defence Materiel Organization and Thales Nederland have signed an agreement to this effect.

The new systems are to be deployed for the increasing number of patrol and security tasks, such as anti-piracy and humanitarian missions. They will enable crews to collect more and better information and to process it efficiently. This will yield a better situational awareness and avoid an information overload. Maritime trends can be determined and deviations will be detected. The system can also combine information from various sources and present it well-organized to the operator.

The first software will be installed this year on board of the Hr.Ms. Rotterdam and Hr.Ms. Johan de Witt.

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Published on:
19 juli 2012

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