IM400 is installed on Holland

Integrated Mast passes Factory Acceptance Test

The first Integrated Mast IM400 has successfully passed the Factory Acceptance Test. The FAT was attended by a delegation from the Netherland’s Defence Materiel Organisation and the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Since the IM400 consists of various subsystems, the actual FAT comprised several tests. After the successful tests the contract partner accepted the first Integrated Mast. Thales Nederland’s CEO Gerben Edelijn says: “this FAT proves that we are capable of designing, engineering and building a completely new concept in naval sensor and communication technology in a relatively very short time, which once more demonstrates our leading position in this field.”

Following the FAT, the IM400 was shipped to Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding and successfully installed on the first patrol vessel “Holland”. At present “Holland” is engaged in testing all systems at sea.

The second IM400 is presently being built by Thales in Hengelo. It will be installed on the second Patrol Ship “Zeeland” early 2013. Recently the third IM400 housing arrived at the Thales premises.

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Published on:
19 juli 2012

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